Community Support

The St. Albans Police Department has partnered with Martha’s Community Kitchen with the formation of our community support unit. Marthas has been a huge part of our community since 1984 and with this small collaboration we hope to be able to continue and grow their mission to better support our community. All proceeds raised through fundraising will be put back into the community. From purchasing a hotel room for someone on a sub-zero winter night, donating to a worthy local cause or purchasing food for a community bbq, our mission is to give back to our community!

Upcoming Events

During certain months throughout the year the Community Support Unit will have patches made to be sold. All proceeds from the patches will go to the Community Support Unit mission unless otherwise mentioned. We ask for a $10 donation for all of our patches unless otherwise noted. You can pay using venmo or in person. ” (venmo attached)

  • 2022 Mental Health Awareness Patch- Available
  • 2022 Cancer Survivors Patch – Available
  • 2022 McKenzies Patch- Available
  • 2023 Autism Awareness Patch- Available
  • Breast Cancer Patch – Old style Available

    SAPD Venmo for Patches

    SAPD Venmo for Patches

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